Bundy the Destroyer

Our boy Bundy doesn’t mind finding new toys to play with, on this particular day I was inside enjoying the air conditioning when I heard a loud crack outside and upon looking out the window discovered Bundy the Destroyer on a mission to kill a bucket. The rest, as they say, is history.

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14 thoughts on “Bundy the Destroyer

  1. “Mission to kill a bucket” made me laugh. It’s so dreary here that a laugh is good medicine. Kelli, my daughter, bought two Rottweiler puppies as part of her security plan for the concrete plant after a series of serious equipment thefts. They grew up here at home with us until they were big enough to guard the office. They are huge at way over 100 pounds each. And they still act like puppies. But, nobody has broken in the office or stolen anything since they and the security fences and lights and cameras got installed. I saw signs on the inside of the door glasses leading to the porch and patio one day: DOGS! Do NOT OPEN DOOR. They love to sneak into the office and wreak havoc! They certainly look fierce, but the biggest danger is getting slobbered to death. They, like Bundy, make short shrift of anything in their yard! She named them Magnum and Rueger… since they are guard dogs! :-)

    • Glad you enjoyed it George, it was so funny watching him through the window, I didn’t want to disturb his destruction because he was having so much fun.

      LOL! I love Rotties, they really are the biggest sooks but definitely wouldn’t mess with one guarding anything – they can look and sound extremely scary. Great names for guard dogs, but it would be hard to think of them that way when they’re bouncing around the yard like puppies :-)

      Happy New Year to you and your family! May 2014 be a fabulous year for you :-)

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