Today is a great day, work is finished for the year and soon we’ll be heading south to spend time with family and friends for Christmas. Christmas for us is spending time at the beach, sitting on the back deck and enjoying a cold drink, avoiding hysteria at the sales and going to the races, it is also when we have alot of storms and have to drug Maxi so she doesn’t freak out.

Tomorrow we’ll do all of those last minute things that you have to do when going on holiday, plus we might brave the shops again to buy the last of the Christmas presents. Our car isn’t huge and somehow we have to make our luggage, presents, two black dogs and their bedding fit into the back of the car so that we can fit comfortably in the front. My husband wants to take his golf clubs and his fishing rods, apparently these are a necessity and are things he cannot borrow from a friend but I guess we’ll find out soon enough ๐Ÿ™‚


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