Christmas is over for another year, it has been a wonderful time for catching up with dear friends and family, drinking too much and eating lots of delicious food. Christmas with my family isn’t complete unless five different meats are served plus a selection of seafood and dessert consisting of pavlova and cheesecake, eskies (chilly bins) are essential for all the beer and soft drink. Dinner with my in-laws is a little more sedate, but the numbers are fewer and you don’t have to yell to be heard which makes for a pleasant change.

Avoiding the shops on boxing day is another family tradition, the start of the Ashes Test (cricket game between England and Australia) and the Sydney to Hobart race are televised so the lounge or a chair at a pub is the place to be. I avoid both like the plague and look forward to taking the dogs to the beach for a run and a swim, the smell of wet dog is not so bad on a warm summer’s day. Bundy took the chance to stretch his legs and even said hello to a couple of chocolate labs who were enjoying some time off the leash, being a staffy you could see the grin on his face as he raced across the sand and into the surf. Maxi stayed at my folks and had a nice walk around the farm, she’s getting too old for strenuous exercise however that doesn’t stop her from making the most of every opportunity to get out of the yard.

It is so peaceful and quiet at my parents’, I love spending time here and going for early morning walks plus you can see the stars so clearly on a cloudless night. After all the misty rain we’ve had the frogs can be heard croaking in the gutter and downpipes, there are tadpoles in the dog’s water bowl and everything is beautiful and green. In one way hate to leave, but look forward to being back in my own home and soon it will be time to pack the car up and head north, the holidays are almost over and we will return to our normal routine.


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