Home again

Our little family is back at home, we were concerned about the amount of rain that we’d had over the last week but thankfully there isn’t any water damage in our house. The fur-kids are very happy to be home, as much as they love the chance to swim in the river or run on the beach, they’re happiest when at home and ruling the roost – Bundy especially.

At the moment Maxi is sleeping on the floor behind me, she has this knack of finding the spot closest to the wheels of my office char so that I have nowhere to go and if I do happen to forget she is there she certainly lets me know if I bump her. Bundy is following my husband around the yard, he loves exploring our jungle-like garden which is occasionally home to possums and maybe a rat or two thanks to our location near bushland.

Today is New Years Eve, there will be fireworks, sparkling wine and yummy food, we will be staying home and enjoying the fact that we can drink as much as we like without having to worry about driving, taxi queues and outrageous restaurant surcharges. It has always been a special night for us, but as we get older it is more about enjoying the company of good people and less about partying hard.

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