Resolution or not?

NYE celebration by candlelight

Dragging myself out of bed was a little more difficult this morning and not because of overindulging as part of NYE celebrations, but because Bundy had decided that the noisy fireworks were all too much to bear and he just had to take up any spare space on my side of the bed. Maxi, also frightened by the loud explosions from nearby fireworks displays, had chosen to sleep on the floor next to the bed, making navigation to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning a tad difficult. I love these two black dogs, but it is time that they started sleeping in the garage and not in the house, something we’ve tried doing before however it never lasts long.

When is a resolution not a resolution? Apparently the tradition of making a New Year’s resolution dates back to ancient Rome, Janus, the God of beginnings appeared at the beginning of the calendar and was depicted with two faces allowing him to look forward and back into the past simultaneously, Janus became the symbol for resolutions. So far, I haven’t made a resolution because I have already committed to a number of actions and behaviours and really just have to stick with them. So, does that mean that ‘following through’ on decisions I had already made, equal a NY resolution or is it really just a to do list? Perhaps it would help if I mentioned the decisions I have made:

  • Travel to Europe and see more of Italy – flights booked, still to organise accommodation, insurance and transport.
  • Study – enrol in 4th course in June after returning from Europe
  • Dogs to sleep in the garage and me to demonstrate more ‘leader of the pack’ behaviours.
  • Attempt to demonstrate more discretion and/or professionalism in the workplace, follow through on projects and administrative duties and clean up my office.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • Continue to look at options and opportunities for a change in career.

These decisions/resolutions/items on a to do list, are all things I want to do to enrich my life and will hopefully result in having a positive impact on someone else, maybe they are resolutions, just not the type you make when waking up with a hangover on New Years day.

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