Tony Wheeler – Lonely Planet co-founder

As part of the preparation for a trip to Europe this year I’ve been heavily researching accommodation sites, history and art sites as well as reading lots of travel guides and destination information. The lonely planet forum is an excellent source of information (and entertainment) plus I was able to roughly estimate the cost of our trip so we could start saving for our trip early. Yes, I’m a little bit obsessive, but for me its interesting and learning about the different cultures and the history behind the art and architecture can only help enrich the experience for me.

I got a laugh out of this recent blog from Tony Wheeler, the same things bug me when I stay at hotels even though it isn’t a regular occurrence for me. I once had to pay $24.95 for 24 hours of internet access at a hotel that promoted itself as being a great location for conferences and seminars, you would think that free internet would at least extend beyond the conference room to the rooms of those attending the conference. No way, so a number of attendees spent their free time camped outside the conference room to make the most of the free wireless.

2 thoughts on “Tony Wheeler – Lonely Planet co-founder

  1. aplscruf January 6, 2011 / 12:55 pm

    Greetings from Washington! Hope you enjoy your trip to Europe. Rick Steves’ books and website were very practical and helpful for planning our trip. We also spent months planning, and it paid off in so many ways. We ordered tickets in advance for museums, tours, etc. We were also fortunate enough to line up a tour guide in Florence, based on a co-worker’s recommendation.

    • twoblackdoggies January 7, 2011 / 3:46 pm

      Thank you, the trip has been a dream for a while so it will take a major catastrophe to ruin it (touch wood). I’ve got a few Rick Steves’ books and his DVDs, they’re hard to get in Australia so I use Amazon alot and its worth the wait. I really enjoyed reading your journal and looking at your photos, I think we’re going to many of the same places.

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