Summer sun

Consistent heavy rain has been with us since the end of 2010, at that stage several towns in Queensland were flooded and the rest of the state was wondering where summer had gone. Normally, it is too hot to do anything during a Queensland summer but head to the beach or an air conditioned shopping centre, ice cream melts all over your hand and onto the ground and everywhere you look there are extreme cases of sunburn. This summer has been wet and muggy, heavy cloud cover turns many off the beach and ice creams are eaten in the cool of a shopping centre because its too wet outside to go for a walk, sadly there are still too many sunburned bodies roaming around.

This weekend we have sunshine, the cacophony of bird calls rings in our ears once again and the cicadas, flies and butterflies are out in full force – it is a beautiful thing. The roar of lawn mowers and whipper snippers can also be heard, the grass and weeds that have turned suburban backyards into jungles is being tamed, the scent of fresh cut grass hits my nose and finally it feels like summer.

My heart goes out to people in Ipswich, Brisbane, Grantham and all of the other towns affected by floods. While I sit here, thankful for the sunshine and in the comfort of my own home, many are anticipating another night in an evacuation centre or in someone else’s home because their house is still under water or filled with mud and debris. Family members have been lost, children are orphaned and pets have lost their humans, I can only imagine what they’re going through and even then I’m probably underestimating how traumatic the experience has been. We will help in whatever way we can, it is the least we can do as Australians and as fellow human beings.

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