The rat in the BBQ

We have a rat, not a pet rat but a common rat with beady black eyes, one that has led our dogs on a merry chase through the garden and became the focus of Bundy’s day and night time activities. We’ve had a couple over the last few years but this one has taken a liking to our BBQ and as a result Bundy has developed an obsession with the BBQ, he alternates between sitting and staring at the BBQ to pacing around it and peering into the storage cabinet underneath. At some stage Bundy has to eat, sleep and go for a walk, the rat chooses this time to escape the BBQ and head for the garden, but his scent lingers and therefore, so does Bundy’s obsession.

Bundy looking intently on the BBQ
Waiting, waiting, waiting

Bundy is a dog that loves to be around people, he is very curious, loves going for drives in the car or just sitting in them, enjoys a cuddle and he has obsessive behaviour. Last night he stayed outside, we’re not sure whether he got much sleep but when we left him to go to bed he was in the garden staring at the fence, he was sitting in front of the BBQ when we got out of bed this morning and back in the garden when I left for work. The rat had escaped and Bundy was on the hunt, he has caught a rat before and left the poor, little creature on his bed for me to find – not a mark on it but obviously dead. The rat isn’t the only thing that suffered, my garden is being dug up and destroyed as Bundy tears through it on his quest, agapanthus are left scattered, gerberas are covered in dirt and the day lillies had to be moved to a safer location. We’re not too concerned about the rat, its presence keeps Bundy mentally and physically stimulated and both our dogs get all the necessary vaccinations to keep them healthy. What I am worried about is that the presence of rat(s) will entice snakes to move into our yard and whilst I don’t mind carpet snakes hanging around I would prefer that the black and brown snakes found their food elsewhere. As for the BBQ, lots of cleaning and sterilising is in store!!!

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