Europe travel plans

View of Venice from the lagoon
I love Venice

For the last few years my thoughts have been preoccupied with dreams of a trip to Europe, Italy in particular. Although other exciting events have occurred such as our wedding and the adopting of another puppy, travelling to Europe was never dismissed as ‘just a dream’. In the meantime I’ve read umpteen different guide books, watched television programs and dvds on Paris, Italy, Michelangelo, the Renaissance, ancient Rome and Europe in general plus my ipod is filled almost to capacity with travel related podcasts.

This weekend, yesterday to be exact, I paid a visit to our travel agent to go over accommodation and transport plans for the trip. The flights were booked last year, we are flying with Emirates because all my experiences with them have been positive ones and they have a good safety reputation which is more important to us than getting the cheapest possible fare. Our budget for accommodation is modest, we don’t want to stay at hostels but we want to be as centrally located as possible which often means paying a little more. Thankfully the Australian dollar is performing well against the euro, once upon a time one Aussie dollar would only get you 56 euro cents however it now buys about 74 euro cents. The average cost per night is approximately $170, it is peak season for the majority of our time away and we’ll be in Italy for Easter so there was always an expectation of paying much more during that period. Being as obsessive as I am, I’ve checked out the Trip Advisor reviews for each of the hotels/B&Bs and on the whole our accommodation is measuring up okay, I won’t be listing them here though – would like to avoid negative comments about our choices.

To say I’m excited about a forthcoming trip is an understatement, even with all the worries about over-packing, pickpockets and a long flight.


2 thoughts on “Europe travel plans

  1. sartenada February 20, 2011 / 6:02 pm

    Italy is very good selection for Your holiday trip. It is full of culture and lovely people.

    What it do not have is snow. Check my post telling about world’s biggest SnowCastle, and then You know that there is life in Scandinavia also.

    Happy Sunday!

    • twoblackdoggies February 21, 2011 / 2:09 pm

      Thank you. I checked out the SnowCastle post and it looks amazing, I’m particularly fond of the Moomintroll carvings on the outside having read some of Tove Janson’s stories when I was younger.

      Scandinavia is definitely somewhere I want to explore, I was lucky to spend a week in Sweden 12 years ago and had a wonderful time but it was Summer so no snow.


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