Countdown to European holiday

Today I look at the chaos that is our home and the pile of travel guides on my bedside table and realise that it is only a few weeks until we go to Europe and there is still so much I have to do beforehand. We’ve been really lucky to find people to mind our dogs and look after our home in our absence, there is great relief in knowing that people we trust will take care of the important things.

A long ‘to do list’ is posted on the fridge and stored on my phone: cleaning the carpets, fixing the dishwasher, getting dogs vaccinated and organising direct debits to cover bills are just a few of the exciting activities I have in store. Trying to motivate my other half to buy some new pants and shoes for our trip has been an ongoing saga for several months, no doubt that task will be left until the last minute and the price will be sore feet and blister covered in band-aids.

The dogs are blissfully unaware of how their world is going to change, at the moment they’re enjoying pride of place in the house and getting lots of guilt-induced extra attention. My husband calls me the crazy dog lady and I know I’ll find it difficult leaving them behind, but they will be in good hands and the vet’s number will be stuck on the fridge in full view just in case. Most people take photos of their children when they go on holidays, I have photos of my dogs, not printed ones because I can go online or look at my phone and see their happy, doggy faces. I wonder how many other people do the same 🙂


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