Tired and weary in Paris

After roughly 28 hours of flying and hanging around airports we arrived in Paris to warmer than expected weather, smog and rain. It was a relief to see our bags on the baggage carousel and an even bigger relief to be able to hop on a shuttle bus that took us straight to our hotel in the Latin Quarter, Paris’ 5th arrondisement. The ride into the city through the suburbs was an eye opener, apartment houses stacked on top of each other and makeshift shelters set up on the side of the road don’t exactly correlate with the images of Paris that everyone recognises.

Our hotel is small and currently going through a process of refurbishment, still it is quite pleasant and the rooms are nice with windows that open up for views of the street. Freshening up before hitting the streets was our first activity after checking in, both of us feeling a tad grotty after so many hours in the same clothes and very little sleep. The aim was to ward off jet lag by keeping busy until the sun went down, nearby there are many little streets filled with cafes, bagettes, fashion and wine plus the pantheon was only a 15 minute walk away. The exercise and excitement of being in Paris certainly helped us remain motivated, although we’re both very tired and weary now and looking forward to a good night’s sleep before seeing the sights tomorrow.



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