The joy of hilltop towns

So far we’ve visited several hilltop towns starting with Siena and today Orvieto, we’re constantly amazed by the narrow streets and amount of people wandering through them. I’ll write more later, right now we’re off to watch the sunset on the Duomo in Orvieto before grabbing a bite to eat. San Gimignano and Siena are heavily visited by tourists, we preferred Volterra and Pienza – smaller towns and fewer tour groups. Orvieto in the evening is a joy, today it is crazy and we’ve seen both a wedding and funeral within a few hours. Lonely Planet describes shop assistants in Italy as providing service (or not) with supreme indifference, on the main we would have to agree however they know how to look after you at a bar, we ordered two glasses of Orvieto Classico and got a plate of bruschetta, cheese and tomato panini, olives, chips, focaccia, peanuts and savoury biscuits. Lunch definitely not needed.

Ciao for now!


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