Lennox loses to ignorance

This morning I woke up to the news that Lennox, an american bulldog labrador cross, has been ruled a dangerous, unpredictable dog by the Belfast City Council and after 18 months of isolation from his family he will be put to sleep. Victoria Stilwell, known for her popular tv show ‘Its me or the dog’ and positive reinforcement training methods has the following on her facebook page:

The court has ruled that Lennox is to be put to sleep. Shame on Belfast CC and shame on those lawmakers who support BSL. This has been and continues to be a canine witch hunt. Shame also on Peter Tallack, their so called expert who through his testimony demonstrated such a gross misunderstanding of dog behavior. My thoughts are with the family and with poor Lennox who has endured 18 months of hell at the hands of ignorance.

Lennox the dog impounded by Belfast City Council and kept in appalling conditions
Lennox being kept in appalling conditions

You’re probably wondering why do I care, the dog is in another country and this doesn’t affect me directly so I should just get on with my life. I care because BSL has not proven to be an effective method of reducing dog attacks and innocent lives are being destroyed because governments find it easier to legislate than make people accountable for their actions and irresponsible behaviour. In Australia, every dog attack or dog bite that makes the news is blamed on a pit bull cross or pit bull type without anyone ever actually identifying the dog formally and should it be found to be a different breed altogether then no more is said, there is no correction of the facts. The Pit bull type dogs are not the first breeds to be vilified, once it was the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler and the Doberman and with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier being one of the most popular breeds in Australia, they could be next because people get sucked in by the media frenzy surrounding so-called dangerous dogs.

My heart goes out to Lennox and his family, he has been kept in a kennel for the past 18 months without any contact with his family and now he has been condemned to die. The latest update on Victoria Stilwell’s facebook page is that the family have a 14 day window in which to present evidence to the judge proving that he may have missed a legal loophole. It will require someone with an indepth knowledge of the law in relation to the dangerous dogs act to save this dogs life, I hope it can be done for the sake of Lennox and all other dogs unlawfully taken from their home as a result of ignorance and political agendas.


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