The Save Lennox Christmas Campaign

Merry Christmas Max and Bundy
Merry Christmas Max and Bundy

What a wonderful Christmas it would be if Lennox was allowed to go home to his family, it is the season for giving after all and it is the right thing to do. The Save Lennox website has not been available for a little while, but now you can read about and participate in the Save Lennox Christmas Campaign.

How you can help (more information on

Change your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures to the Save Lennox logo for the length of the holiday period and then send a Tweet, Facebook message or email to someone who may not have heard about Lennox or the many others like him who have fallen victim to the evil draconian law known as Breed Specific Legislation.

Spread the word and make your voice heard, for Lennox and for all the dogs who suffer because of the ignorance of (some) humans!

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for every dog that is a victim of cruelty, locked away in a kennel or sitting in shelters to be found a forever home where they will be loved and appreciated.


Two Black Dogs



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