Kransky’s story

Yesterday I came across the sad story of Kransky, a beloved French Bulldog who died in transit and like many stories of animal cruelty, this one broke my heart especially when it was a death that could have been easily avoided. The story is as follows but if you want all the details or just want to show your support, check out the Kransky website: Kransky – the death and life of a French Bulldog.

Kransky was being transported overseas by his owners, they had taken great care in finding and engaging the services of a company that specialises in International travel for pets. This company, along with two others including an airline, left Kransky alone, in a crate on the floor of a cargo shed for several hours, on a hot Sydney summer’s day, extremely negligent behaviour in my opinion. I imagine that Kransky was already a little distressed at being away from his family and locked in a strange environment but to leave him to die a slow and painful death caused by heat stress is cruel, irresponsible and utterly disgusting. In a comment on Kransky’s website it appears as though the company lays the blame on the owners and that they knew that Kransky was a high risk for travel and signed all the necessary paperwork, but that does not give them the right to treat a living creature as a piece of luggage! The responsibility lies with that company to ensure that all care is taken in ensuring that the animals reach their destination in the best possible condition, not leave them lying unattended in the heat of the day to die alone and in terrible pain.

I can only imagine the grief that Kransky’s family are feeling, their anger and frustration with a company that has denied them time with Kransky and also the opportunity to say their final goodbye as he crosses the rainbow bridge. The story bought tears to my eyes and does every time I think of little Kransky, there is a petition online that is calling for the investigation of the treatment of animals travelling following the death of Kransky, please sign it if you feel as strongly about this as I do.

Petition Friends of Kransky demand justice and change

R.I.P. Kransky

Kransky the French Bulldog
Kransky the French Bulldog

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