…and so that was Christmas

Poinsettia plant
Christmas colour

Christmas Day in our family has always been about food, food and more food so it was nice to have a small Christmas celebration this year where we didn’t eat ourselves stupid. Normally the day starts with a cooked breakfast and then we snack on chocolates, peanuts, prawns and oysters before sitting down to a smorgasboard of meats, vegetables, salads and desserts for a late lunch. By the time night falls we’re usually too stuffed with food to eat anything else but do anyway because we’re often the guests of another family or group of friends.

Maxi in front of the Christmas tree
Maxi doing her best to avoid looking at the camera
Bundy and his Christmas present
Bundy and his Christmas present

With only four of us at our house (my parents and husband), the decision was made to go easy on the food and not cook every type of animal available from the butchers, a cooked breakfast was still on the menu but instead of snacking on seafood we enjoyed a tasty seafood lunch. Before we ate anything it was time to open our presents, even Maxi and Bundy got gifts from Santa and family members – chew toys, schmackos and liver treats. Bundy and Maxi had done alot of shopping, it is amazing how well they did, buying coffee mugs, running shoes and DVDs for all of us.

Australian King prawns with seafood sauce
Prawns and seafood sauce
Oysters Kilpatrick
Oysters Kilpatrick

With lunch out of the way it was a lazy afternoon of talking on the phone, reading magazines and newly acquired books, the two black dogs moving around the yard in an effort to try and find the best place to sleep. With the warmer weather comes flies and mosquitoes, mosquito coils and sandlewood candles helped to keep them at bay however a can of insect repellant was still required. Background music was supplied by cicadas, magpies, noisy miners, lorikeets and the occasional crow.

Dogs being fed prawn tails for lunch
Prawn tails for lunch
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise
Tealight candles
Tealight candles

Our good friend Ron arrived late in the afternoon and joined us for dinner, the outdoor table was set with candles and bon bons, a casual affair enhanced by glasses of sparkling Savignon Blanc from New Zealand and Bundaberg Rum, a local and very popular brew. Dad had the duck roasting in the barbeque and the pork roasting in the George Foreman oven, Mum and I prepared vegetables and I decorated the cake I had made with icing and fresh cherries. Dinner was delicious, the vegetables were basted with duck fat so they were extra tasty and the cake was heavenly served with cream, ice cream and jelly. It was a successful Christmas meal and although we had plenty to eat our stomachs were not uncomfortably stretched, there was still room for the obligatory after dinner cup of tea.

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful day, best wishes for the upcoming new year.

Cherry Cake
Cherry Cake

One thought on “…and so that was Christmas

  1. megtraveling December 29, 2011 / 1:24 pm

    What a beautiful day you had! Family, food, good weather…and of course the dogs 🙂 Have a Happy New Year!

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