In memory of Lennox and all the beautiful dogs that have fallen victim to BSL, may you run free and be happy together over the rainbow bridge.

Fabulous Fur Friends

If you own a beautiful ‘box-head’ type dog, hug him/her a little tighter this morning. Yesterday Lennox became the victim of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) at the hands of an Irish council, despite a world wide campaign to save him. His crime? To have the wrong look… his owners fought the council in the courts but sadly yesterday Lennox was ‘humanely pts’ after spending 2 years in a council pound. RIP Lennox, we will continue to campaign to abolish this cruel legislation in your honour.

In the words of Deb Tranter from Oscar’s Law:

“Lennox will be a martyr, much more dangerous to the reputation of the judicial system in death than he ever was to the general public while alive”.


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