Rainforest Skywalk

Living in Queensland means that we have access to beautiful rainforests filled with some very unique flora and fauna, experiencing the rainforest on a sunny day is spectacular, the light filters through the canopy and adds a little warmth to both colour and temperature. Our time on Mt Tamborine yesterday, exploring the rainforest via The Skywalk was not quite so sunny, the air was cool and the sky cloudy but the day was pleasurable nonetheless. Being winter we spotted none of the colourful flowers, foliage or berries that summer brings, we also had no luck with seeing Koalas, the best we could do was discovering a small brown lizard Β in the stump of a Red Cedar tree and a Kookaburra as he swooped on something tasty in the scrub.

Sadly there are no photos of the lizard or the Kookaburra, however I have put together a gallery of images taken during the walk as well as a few random shots taken at our lunch time destination D’Marge Cafe. Nelson the Golden Retriever makes all guests feel oved as he lies quietly under your table until your meal is served, then he makes use of beautiful, big brown eyes to bewitch you into sharing whatever it is you have ordered. The deck is surrounded by blooming Camellia trees, the flowers come in many shades of pink and white, their petals so pretty and delicate.

14 thoughts on “Rainforest Skywalk

  1. Debra Kolkka June 10, 2013 / 2:57 am

    I love Tamborine mountain…I must visit when I get home.

    • twoblackdoggies June 10, 2013 / 6:43 pm

      It is one of my favourite places to visit on the coast.

  2. kareninhonolulu June 10, 2013 / 4:14 am

    I like that photo of what looks to be a tiny, little stag-horn fern.

    • twoblackdoggies June 10, 2013 / 6:44 pm

      There were quite a few to be seen but most were surrounded by too much foliage to get a clear shot.

  3. Ogee June 10, 2013 / 1:45 pm

    Everything looks so lush and fresh…but I think my favorite is Nelson. πŸ™‚

    • twoblackdoggies June 10, 2013 / 6:47 pm

      It was all very lush and green. I thought you might like Nelson, such a gorgeous boy and he had no problem begging for scraps πŸ™‚

  4. elisaruland June 10, 2013 / 2:25 pm


  5. megtraveling June 11, 2013 / 5:31 am

    It looks great especially since it’s winter! Your photos are beautiful and I really like that friendly dog… πŸ™‚

    • twoblackdoggies June 11, 2013 / 4:52 pm

      thank you. Winter here is mild in comparison to most places, although it does get cold enough for people to make good use of their fireplaces. That dog is gorgeous and he lapped up all the belly rubs and scratches that diners gave him πŸ™‚

  6. Misaki June 11, 2013 / 6:21 am

    Great pics, but especially love the last one:-)

    • twoblackdoggies June 11, 2013 / 4:53 pm

      Thank you, I can always find room for a doggy pic πŸ™‚

  7. Sheila June 13, 2013 / 1:31 am

    I love the sound of a rainforest skywalk. At first I thought the twisted one must be part of a metal fence. That’s amazing that it’s part of the vegetation. I love the bristly ferns too and of course Nelson. πŸ™‚

    • twoblackdoggies June 15, 2013 / 7:16 pm

      The birds could definitely be heard but not seen, was a lovely sound to walk to and the walk out about the canopy was very cool, if not a little bit freaky πŸ™‚

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