Movieworld on the Gold Coast

School holidays and theme parks aren’t usually something I would combine, however it can be fun if you have good company and a fast-track pass (helps beat the hideously long queues, for a fee of course). One of my long-time friends and her teenage daughter came to stay for a couple of nights so we had one day of age appropriate activities for us (shopping and food) and one for her daughter, and yes, visiting the MovieWorld theme park was her choice. MovieWorld on the Gold Coast is a popular Warner Bros theme park and has several rollercoaster type rides as well as a stunt show, 4D movie, kids area and superheroes and cartoon characters parading around and posing for photos. We arrived when the park was open and already there were hundreds of people queuing to get on the popular rides, it didn’t look promising. My girlfriend bought two Fast-track passes which helps bypass the long queues, at $60 per pass I thought it a tad expensive but it did mean that we only queued for 10-20 minutes instead of 1-2 hours. On top of the $89 adult entry fee, cost of photos, food and souvenirs, it must get horrendously expensive for families.

My girlfriend has family living nearby so they met us at the theme park, her twenty-something nephew went on the rides with her daughter while we looked after his two young children. For us it was fun trying to manoeuvre a pram through the crowded theme park and keep the kids entertained, eventually they were happy to hang out with us and we were able to enjoy a coffee break. When it came time for the kids to go home and have a sleep, I inherited one of the Fast-track passes, given the cost my girlfriend wanted to make sure that she got good value for money. If you haven’t already guessed, my girlfriend doesn’t do rollercoasters. Rollercoasters have always frightened me, that is part of the experience, but they’ve never made me sick and up until yesterday I had never experienced that OMG!!!! I’m never going on that again feeling. Having lunch just prior probably didn’t help, you’ll understand when you look at the photos and see if you can spot the photo where I look less than thrilled to be on the ride.

Yesterday was a laugh and although it isn’t something I would choose to do for fun (anymore) I am so glad that we went to MovieWorld, it was a great day spent with wonderful people.



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