The Easter Bundy

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from the Easter Bundy 😊❤️


Happy Easter from two black dogs

Tomorrow is Easter Saturday, our little home will be overflowing with guests and the bowl of chocolate Easter eggs on the sideboard will diminish rapidly. It has been pouring down with rain since Wednesday afternoon but it didn’t stop me from trying to get the obligatory shot of our two black dog wearing bunny ears. Bundy will gladly follow a treat and sit on wet grass, posing for the camera, Maxi was not so obliging.

Wishing you and those you love a very Happy Easter, from me, Maxi and Bundy 🙂

Maxi the black dog wearing bunny ears.
Maxi the reluctant easter doggy
Bundy the black dog wearing bunny ears
Bundy the serious easter doggy

Maxi on the mend

Maxi recovering on her bed
Maxi recovering on her bed
After spending two nights in hospital Maxi is now at home with us, she seems quite bright and her appetite has returned. Although the initial diagnosis was unclear, a second ultrasound revealed that Maxi does indeed have pancreatitis. It is worrying, but at least we know what it is and how to look after her, it also makes me feel better knowing that she hasn’t eaten something she shouldn’t. Maxi has a pain patch to make her comfortable and is only allowed bland, low fat food in small batches for the next few days and for the long term she will remain on a low fat diet. Bundy will be eating similar food, he has a tendency to be a chunky dog and being 7 he is more at risk of developing pancreatitis as he gets older. Most of the time our dogs get fed healthy meals of lean mince and dry biscuits but we have indulged them a litte with juicy treats on occasion, no more of that and it probably wouldn’t hurt us to reduce our intake of fatty foods as well 🙂

Thank you so much for all the good wishes and virtual hugs, it means alot to me and if Maxi could read I know she would be really chuffed.

Maxi waiting patiently for breakfast.
Maxi waiting patiently for breakfast.

As you can see Bundy is really excited to have Maxi at home
As you can see Bundy is really excited to have Maxi at home

A really sucky start to Easter

Maxi the dog out for a casual stroll on the beach

Easter has not started well for us, what was going to be a weekend of gardening and family has now turned into a waiting game. Our dear old Maxi girl has a pain in the tummy, not the normal gastro bug she gets from a change in diet or swimming in dubious water but the kind that requires strong pain relief, ultrasounds, a night (or two) in hospital and possibly x-rays. Needless to say we’re very worried and so is the vet. It isn’t pancreatitis and nor does she have growths or tumour, but her intestines, bladder and bowel are full and there isn’t a poo in sight. Maxi isn’t the type of dog to eat just any old thing, however we’ve had some disturbing incidents of late whereby the dogs have discovered both cooked and raw bones in the yard. Our dogs aren’t allowed bones because Bundy guards them ferociously so someone we don’t know is either throwing bones over the fence deliberately or our neighbours are putting too much oomph into their throws when they give their dogs bones. I prefer to think that it is the latter, whatever the cause, we remove them as soon as we find them.

At 13 years of age, surgery to remove an obstruction is not something we want to put Maxi through. Apart from this incident she is in such good health that to consider the alternative breaks my heart, it is not somewhere I want to go.

As you can guess, I’m not the happiest of campers at the moment so please forgive the melancholic nature of my blogging of late and thank you for the love and support you’ve shown me so far.

I wish you all a Happy Easter xo

Easter by candlelight
Easter by candlelight

A quiet, relaxing Easter this year

Easter 2011 was celebrated in Varenna on Lake Como with a large bag of chocolates purchased in Lucerne, Switzerland, the weather was perfect and we spent our time in this beautiful little village cruising the lake and wandering through narrow streets and well tended gardens.


In 2012 my husband’s little sister and boyfriend came to visit and we drove inland to participate in an early morning Easter egg hunt at the family home of my other sister-in-law. With three little boys and three slightly larger ones there was plenty of action in the form of backyard soccer, water fights using Nerf guns and wrestling. Later in the afternoon we played poker under the shade of a huge tree and enjoyed a glass or two of bubbles, a fire was lit as the sun set and the little boys were hypnotised by the flames. It was a beautiful time spent with our family, lots of laughter, good conversation and tasty home cooked food.


This year we’re staying home, hanging out with the dogs, doing a bit of gardening, some cooking, hopefully take a few photos and there is a huge list of chores to complete, but I’m not complaining. Since November last year I have been acting Director for our unit during a period of uncertainty and change, although the experience has been mainly positive and relatively problem free, my head was starting to hurt and I was desperately in need of a good chunk of downtime. My acting role ended yesterday, next week I start a slightly different job and I’m looking forward to the challenge but most of all, I’m ecstatic to have a few days off to do the things I love and to have the time and energy to get my hands dirty.

What are you doing to celebrate Easter this year?