One thought on “Capitoline Wolf, sculpture of a she-wolf suckling twins, inspired by the legend of the founding of Rome

  1. Ron February 4, 2022 / 12:28 am

    “And thou, the thunder-stricken nurse of Rome!
    ⁠She-wolf! whose brazen-imaged dugs impart
    ⁠The milk of conquest yet within the dome
    ⁠Where, as a monument of antique art,
    ⁠Thou standest:—Mother of the mighty heart,
    ⁠Which the great Founder sucked from thy wild teat,
    ⁠Scorched by the Roman Jove’s ethereal dart,
    ⁠And thy limbs black with lightning—dost thou yet
    Guard thine immortal cubs, nor thy fond charge forget?

    Thou dost;—but all thy foster-babes are dead
    ⁠The men of iron; and the World hath reared
    ⁠Cities from out their sepulchres: men bled
    ⁠In imitation of the things they feared,
    ⁠And fought and conquered, and the same course steered,
    ⁠At apish distance; but as yet none have,
    ⁠Nor could, the same supremacy have neared,
    ⁠Save one vain Man, who is not in the grave
    But, vanquished by himself, to his own slaves a slave”

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