Happy Wedding day!

A wedding is a happy occasion and more so when the person getting married is someone you’ve known and loved for a long time. My husband’s little sister Lou was born when he was close to finishing school and we met when she was about two years old, chubby cheeks and beautiful blonde curls. Two weeks ago Lou married the love of her life and it was fun and laughter all the way.

I didn’t lug my DSLR to the wedding, they had a couple of photographers and everyone else had cameras so I chose to take a few shots prior to the wedding and then stick with the point and shoot camera. Lou is very photogenic and like most people of her generation, completely comfortable with having her photo taking thanks to the extensive practice of taking selfies. The photos I am sharing with you capture her excitement, including the happy dance she did in the apartment before heading to the church.


Selfie time for the bride
The excited bride and her sister
Lou’s excited to be getting married face
Happy dance
More happy dance
Funky wedding shoes
The bride’s funky platform shoes
Going to the chapel…
The chariot awaits
The formal part of the day
A very happy Mr and Mrs
Thanks for doing my hair Mum

Inspired to share…wedding photos

I have been inspired by restlessjo, a wonderful blogger of many beautiful places and things, to share my wedding photos. Jo was reminiscing about her wedding day and expressed a desire to see the photographs from the weddings of other bloggers, I’ve always loved weddings and am happy to oblige Jo in the hope that maybe the sharing will be contagious 🙂

We had been together about 15 years before getting married on New Year’s Eve in 2007, it was quite a casual affair and more of a party with family and friends than a traditional, formal wedding. My Nanna was disappointed that we didn’t get married in a church, however my father told her that getting married outdoors meant that we were closer to God and that was the end of that discussion. In the weeks prior we had constant rain, thankfully the sun came out for our ceremony and the weather was unusually mild for an Australian summer making it the perfect day for a wedding.

Thank you Jo for inspiring this post and for causing me to reminisce about a very special moment in my life.


Father and the bride
Father and the bride arriving at the ceremony
The ceremony on the headlands
The ceremony on the headlands
The Kiss
The Kiss
Bridal Party celebrating
Bridal Party celebrating
Relaxing before the beach photos
Relaxing before having to pose for more photos