Life in our garden

The rain that fell on us at the end of another long and hot Queensland summer did wonders for our little garden and the park outside. Everything was lush and green, funny little funghi moved in and we had numerous creatures living among the plants, thriving on the fresh green shoots of our gardenias. My thumb isn’t that green, however I have managed to keep a few plants alive and I love it when I see creatures in the garden even if they’re actually destroying it leaf by leaf.

Bundy seemed pleased that I was not turning the lens on him for a change, instead I got as close as I could to the frogs, bees, spiders and mushrooms and started shooting away. I think I could have used a faster shutter speed on some of the shots, they’re not as sharp as I would like however it is good that these things are becoming a little clearer to me. I am learning. For some of you it is Spring time which means lots of beautiful blooms and bright colours, looking forward to seeing what lives and grows in your garden 🙂


Farewell Winter!

Today is the last day of Winter in Australia, it has been a real mixed bag this year with heavy rainfall, some of our lowest temperatures and some of our warmest weather for the season. The weekend the temperature has been between 24 and 26 degrees celsius, people are spending more time outdoors and many head to the beach.

This gallery is a mix of photographs taken during the cooler months, I experimented with shooting stars at night as well as taking numerous shots of Maxi, Bundy and flowers in bloom.