Wordless Wednesday: Orange



Something new to play with

For a while I have wanted to get a new lens, to be more specific I wanted the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens loved by Nikon photographers (amateur and professional) and perfect for low light photography. After many months of saving my dream was obtained and I picked up the lens a couple of days ago. We’ve had some spectacular sunsets here of late, but sadly they’ve been pretty ordinary since getting the lens so I’ve been testing it out in the backyard and at a nearby lake. Technically I cannot tell you much, what I can tell you is that I love that I can take photographs in low light without having to ramp up the ISO to a ridiculous number or drag out the tripod. Wish it had image stabilisation, my hands can be a little shaky at times however that could be minimised by drinking less coffee 🙂

These few shots aren’t fantastic and the one of the pelicans could be sharper, it was taken from across a body of water so I had to crop the image dramatically to see them properly. Getting closer is going to be essential with this lens, especially when comparing it to the 28-300mm lens I’ve been using.

…it’s raining again

It really isn’t supposed to rain this much during summer, spectacular lightning and thunder storms yes, but torrential, consistent rain no. During breaks in the bad weather I step outside, dogs in tow and survey the surroundings to see whether there is more rain coming and to savor the fresh air and watch local wildlife (spiders, birds, dragonflies and occasionally frogs) go about their business.

Today I stepped with my iphone and a new retro camera app that I was wanting to test on some poor unsuspecting subject, usually the subject is my husband or one of our dogs but a magnolia had blossomed in our garden and a flower,  now in the last stages of blooming seemed like the obvious choice. The retro camera app has 5 different ‘cameras’ to choose from: The Barbl, Little Orange Box, xolaroid 2000, pinhole camera and FudgeCan and with each camera there is an option to shoot in colour or black and white. By selecting a subject that would not move or complain, it was easy for me to try all the different camera formats in both colour and black and white and compare the after effects. The Barbl and FudgeCan shots were interesting and among my favourites however the photos I liked most of all were those taken by the Little Orange Box, the contrast and colour appealed to me and the texture didn’t seem to be too heavily applied.

Magnolia flower