Gingerbread Friends, the Melbourne Myer Christmas window display

On  a recent trip to Melbourne I experienced the joy of seeing the Myer Christmas window display, we have nothing like this on the Gold Coast so it is a real pleasure to see the effort that some will make to bring delight to children and the young at heart during the festive season. The tradition started 58 years ago and the display is on show from November through to early January, to see the display costs nothing but a little time, the queue can be quite long but you will be entertained by the story and a few street buskers as you wait.

This year the animated window display has been created around the theme ‘Gingerbread Friends’ by the American children’s author, Jan Brett. Gingerbread Friends tells the story of a little Gingerbread child as he goes on an somewhat perilous adventure to find a friend only to discover that he already has plenty of friends at home. Taking photographs with my phone wasn’t easy thanks to the presence of so many reflections, with any luck you’ll get the chance to see them for yourselves or hopefully you have wonderful Christmas window displays in your home town.