My friend Mr Sticky

Mr Sticky has been hanging out at our house for a couple of weeks, initially his camouflage act was not terribly effective however he has been practicing and now we barely notice his presence. Mr Sticky is a Goliath Stick Insect, one of 150 types of Phasmid in Australia and although he is a huge insect I don’t find him at all creepy. When Mr Sticky first appeared we tried relocating him, thinking that the dogs would find him far too interesting however they tend to ignore Mr Sticky and show more interest in faster moving creatures.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

These ‘green’ images were taken during our scrappy adventure in Europe, most of the photos were taken in Italy. At the time it was Spring and green landscapes were in abundance but rather than share the copious number of landscape shots I thought it might be a little more interesting to find other green things in my album.