A Koala at our house!

This morning I noticed what looked like a furry, brown bottom in the fork of a eucalyptus tree to the left of our front yard, to my great delight it was the cute little bottom of a koala. We’ve been living in our house for over 7 years and have seen few koalas, we’ve seen plenty of possums, wallabies, lizards and birdlife but was only my second sighting of a koala in the bushland next door. As you can imagine, there was much excitement and I quickly ran for my camera as did a friend who had been visiting. We stood at the bottom of that tree for ages, taking photos from every possible angle, I even braved the scrubby surroundings beneath the tree (there could have been snakes or spiders concealed) to get a closer look. With so many photos of this gorgeous creature I couldn’t choose just a couple of shots to share 🙂

The little fella slept, scratched and slept some more, moving occasionally to escape the heat of the sun. It was hard going back indoors knowing that we could miss any attempt he or she made at relocating. Being such a hot day with temperatures predicted to reach the high 30s (degrees celsius), I decided to leave a bucket of water at the base of the tree in case the koala was thirsty when he or she eventually moved on.

Now it is late in the afternoon and I have been to check on the koala and our little furry bottomed friend is happily munching on eucalyptus leaves high in the tree. Although it is absolutely wonderful to see one of our native animals in the natural habitat, I hope the koala moves deeper into the bush where it is less likely that he’ll be injured by dogs or hit by a car.

Our night time visitor

We get many night time visitors to our yard ranging from cane toads, huntsman spiders and geckoes to tawny frog mouths and brush tail possums, not all of these visitors are welcome especially the cane toads. Recently our night time visitor has been a brush tail possum, sometimes with her baby in tow but often she is alone and her presence riles our dogs more than any gecko or cane toad. The brush tail is one of the more common possums we see and also one of the largest, their grunting can set the dogs off in seconds and should they decide to take up residence in your roof, it will take a professional (more often than not) to capture and release them.

I love seeing these furry native animals so close, last night my husband held the torch so that I could try and get a few photos of the possum, thankfully she stuck around for a while – possibly frozen in fear. Our dogs were extremely interested, Bundy sat in the garden at the base of the fence, watching and Maxi found the perfect spot on the lawn, they stayed outside for some time, watching and waiting. Eventually the dogs tired of being on possum watch and Bundy turned his obsession back to the little creature hiding out in the retaining wall.

The common Brush Tail Possum
The common Brush Tail Possum up a gum tree
Possum sitting on fence
Up close and personal, possum watching us, watching her
Possum on fence with tail dangling down
Possum teasing Bundy with dangling tail
Bundy watching possum
Bundy patiently watching, waiting…
Maxi watching possum from her favourite spot
Maxi watching possum from her favourite spot
Bundy sitting on the bed
Bundy relaxing after a night of possum watching