Jilly and Jarrah, cutie-pie foster puppies

Sunday I saw a sign at the shelter asking for someone to foster a couple of puppies for a few nights, as soon as I saw their faces I knew that I couldn’t leave without them. Jilly and Jarrah are Staffy Boxer X puppies and almost 8 weeks of age, so very cute and all I needed was agreement from the hubby 🙂

Once the puppies were home we set them up in our laundry, the shelter loaned us a crate and blankets and provided food, we bought a play pen and some toys and took the time to introduce them to our dogs. Maxi was not impressed, she’s not so great with other dogs and prefers to keep her distance with puppies and their sharp little teeth. Bundy played and sniffed and seemed quite happy, he even lay on the floor and let them climb on his face but after a day or two he seems content with leaving them be after a couple of minutes of interaction.

Jilly loves exploring and chewing on everything she can find, Jarrah is less adventurous however he also loves to chew and some of my plants are now covered in tiny puncture marks. Both love a snuggle after they eat and they keep their crate nice and clean, we just take them outside late in the evening so they don’t make too much mess in the play pen attached to the crate. My favourite time with them is in the evening when we curl up on the chair together and they climb over each other (and me) to get the best position on my lap before falling asleep. Mornings are fun too, I take them out into the yard to run on the grass and explore the garden, Bundy follows them for a while before he disappears on his morning walk with Dad, Maxi maintains a safe distance.

They have to go back to the shelter on Friday and hopefully some responsible, caring and kind people will make Jilly and Jarrah their own, I will miss their cutie-pie faces and the puppy smell.

Two black dogs make me smile

It is the little things that often amuse us and I’ve been lucky this week to witness a few of the entertaining antics of our two black dogs, Maxi and Bundy. When I am tired or cranky, spending time with them lifts my spirits and makes me laugh.

As she gets older, Maxi is slowing down but when she gets to the vet you would never know that she is an old dog, her excitement and joy at seeing the vet makes it difficult to weigh her, she jumps up and down like a kangaroo and the weight toggles between 27 and 34 kilos. Maxi loves to rub her face against my leg just like a cat and if you take too long to greet her upon arrival then she will let you know with a funny, long growl. At the beach she loves to swim and run and jump in the waves, the water is also her safe place, the place she goes when other dogs become too annoying.

Bundy is a funny little dude, he invites himself into the kitchen when I’m chopping up vegetables and sit close by waiting for a chunk of raw carrot to gnaw on. Maxi hates vegetables and will pick them out of her food, but Bundy seems to love them especially when they’re raw. Tonight I watched him as he destroyed a box of wrapping paper and scattered pieces across the lounge room floor, following that he found a balloon to play with and chased it around the garage, snapping at it until it popped. Bundy always seems to be on a search and destroy mission, playing with balls, bottles, stuffed toys until they pop and he either ‘unstuffs’ them or leaves them lying in the yard. He’s not a puppy anymore, we often wonder how long he will play these games, some people tell us that there is a year or two to go before he becomes a lounge lizard.

At the moment it is raining, I can hear it hitting the pergola roof and there must be a storm because Maxi is freaking out a little. Maxi hates lightning, thunder and other loud noise, we used to give her puppy valium but I don’t like giving her too many drugs – at her age she has enough already. Bundy will sleep through a storm, lying on his back, feet in the hair and snoring as though he doesn’t have a care in the world. I sound like a crazy dog lady, my husband tells me I am besotted with them but there are worse things I could obsess about 🙂