Wordless Wednesday: Really?

No Entry sign on pond


A walk in the park

We live in a really good area for dog walkers, there are several good spots for walking depending on whether you prefer hills, footpaths, parks, or a peaceful alongside a body of water. The beach is great and our dogs love running in the sand and cooling off in the water but it is not possible to go every day so we stay local for the most part.

I usually take my iphone and listen to travel podcasts as I am walking, the camera is a handy feature even though the quality isn’t great. Our two black dogs are complete opposites when it comes to taking photos, Maxi can spot a camera from a mile away and will turn her head in disgust whereas Bundy is happy to sit and pose.

Bundy isn’t keen on swimming but he likes to wade…

Dog wading through water
Cooling his heels

…and roll in smelly dead things

Stinky dead fish skeleton
This will make me smell nice

Just sitting by the waters edge with Mum is also good.

Dog admiring the view of the lake
Relaxing and enjoying the view

Plenty of birdlife around, they live quite peacefully for the most part in an area where dogs can’t roam free.

Two ducks by the water
Donald and Daisy duck?
Proud dog sitting by water
Is this my best side Mum?