Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World

sunset, kangaroos in a paddock
Sunset in rural New South Wales, Australia

I grew up in the country, riding horses, bushwalking and swimming in creeks. My parents have lived in the same house for almost 40 years and are surrounded by a mix of farmland and bush. This scene is pretty typical of the area and it is a scene that always fills my heart with joy. As much as I love cities or walks along the beach, it is the countryside where I feel most at peace.

This is my place in the world.


On the road

Preparing for Christmas, attending Christmas functions at work and spending time with friends and family over the Christmas break didn’t leave much room for blogging. As soon as the computer came out my Mum hit me with questions about her computer, using picasa and organising all her holidays photos which she somehow managed to download in the lowest possible resolution from her camera (if she is able to get 6 x 4 prints done I’ll be surprised) so I gave up even trying to get online.

Anyway, I digress. The first step to our Christmas holiday this year was packing up the car and driving between six and seven hours south to reach the homes of our parents, luckily my husband’s Mum and my parents only live about 30 minutes apart. The road trip is not something I necessarily enjoy, but I’m getting better at it especially if it means an opportunity to see something different. Intermittent road works mean that route has changed slightly since I last drove south, leaving home at 4.30am also resulted in us seeing the sun rise over the hills, slowly burning away all the mist which covered the countryside. Rather than get my DSLR out of the back of the car to take photos along our journey I used my iPhone and when boredom kicked in instagram become my travel friend.

This is our journey in pictures from the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland to the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales.

Dogs at the start of the road trip
At the start of the trip

Sunrise and mist

Sunrise and mist
Rural Australia in the early hours of the morning
Dog's head outside window of car
A dog’s favourite spot in the car
Happy Maxi the dog
Happy Maxi
Bundy the dog
Bundy enjoying the warmth of the sun
Bundy and view from car
Mmmm…when do we stop for breakfast Mum?

 Pink waterlily

White waterlily

Waterlilies at Grafton
Waterlilies at Grafton
Dog Maxi napping
Maxi napping, not sure how this is even comfortable
Sleeping dogs in car
Sleeping dogs
Traffic jam on the highway
20km traffic jam on the highway heading north but we’re almost at our destination
ride on lawn mower in the country
Our destination in rural New South Wales