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Sun worship and two black dogs

Soaking up the warmth of the sun

It has been the coldest winter on record on the Gold Coast, still very mild compared to the winters in Europe or even those in the southern states of Australia, but for Queenslanders it is a shock to the system. Most of our days are a balmy 20 degrees Celsius, really nothing to complain about however the mornings and evenings have gotten as low as 5 degrees resulting in frost for some.

Our two black dogs aren’t keen on winter, they sleep in for as long as they can and as soon as the sun hits the ground at the side of our yard, they’re off to partake in their daily ritual of sun worship. Bundy is the biggest fanatic, often lying on his back, belly exposed to the sun and at least one fang on show as he sleeps soundly. Maxi too like to lie out in the sun, but flat on her side or leaning against something solid, you can see her head drop as she nods off, it is a dog’s life.

two black dogs sitting in the sun
One of the favourite spots for soaking up the sun in winter

Now it is early Spring and although the evenings and early mornings are cool (more fresh than cold) both dogs are more active and we experience the joy of being woken up by hot doggy breath on our cheeks or a lick on the ear as they decide it is time for everyone to get out of bed. After a morning walk it is snooze time again until breakfast, getting Bundy to demonstrate any interest in breakfast is difficult, he prefers to sit in the sun or obsess over what might be hiding in the retaining wall. The Noisy Miner (that is really their name) birds are usually flitting about from house to trees and trees to fence, they drive the dogs nuts causing them to run around the yard madly chasing the birds in flight and Maxi will bark at them which drives all of us nuts.

Bundy the black dog lying in the sun
Typical sunbathing staffy

Soon the cool mornings will disappear and we’ll be spending weekends getting up early and heading to the beach, there are great spots for dogs in our area (not enough of them though) and a couple of off-leash beaches which are hugely popular on weekends. Maxi isn’t great with lots of dogs around, they get in her face and she gets a bit cranky with them so going early is important, most people don’t arrive until 8am and we’re usually ready to head home for breakfast by then.

Maxi the dog at the beach
Maxi the lifeguard