Birds in backyards

We live near bushland and get a lot of birds visiting our yard, especially when everything is in flower. For some reason, our Poinciana tree is flowering now after a rather lacklustre performance in December and it recently attracted the attention of a male and female pair of King Parrots. We don’t see King Parrots very often and they never stick around for long, but these two love birds preened and napped for about an hour while Hubby washed the car and I invaded their privacy with my zoom lens.

It is easy to tell the difference between an adult male and female, the male has a red head and his colouring is more vibrant. The female has more green, and she kept a watchful eye on me whilst going about her business. It was a real pleasure to see these birds hanging out in our garden, so often that tree is full of less colourful but more vocal crows and noisy miner birds.


Crazy bird lady and her camera

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of bird watching, we’ve had some beautiful sunny days and all sorts of feathered friends have made an appearance to dine on native wildflowers, breadcrumbs and grubs in the grass. While visiting family recently I had to sneak through doors and quietly navigate the yard to get some photos, many of the birds flew away before I could focus however others stuck around long enough for me to get a few shots. My Mum thought I was a little crazy wandering around the yard in my pyjamas and rubber boots 🙂