Something new to play with

For a while I have wanted to get a new lens, to be more specific I wanted the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens loved by Nikon photographers (amateur and professional) and perfect for low light photography. After many months of saving my dream was obtained and I picked up the lens a couple of days ago. We’ve had some spectacular sunsets here of late, but sadly they’ve been pretty ordinary since getting the lens so I’ve been testing it out in the backyard and at a nearby lake. Technically I cannot tell you much, what I can tell you is that I love that I can take photographs in low light without having to ramp up the ISO to a ridiculous number or drag out the tripod. Wish it had image stabilisation, my hands can be a little shaky at times however that could be minimised by drinking less coffee :-)

These few shots aren’t fantastic and the one of the pelicans could be sharper, it was taken from across a body of water so I had to crop the image dramatically to see them properly. Getting closer is going to be essential with this lens, especially when comparing it to the 28-300mm lens I’ve been using.

Bundy let loose at the beach

Normally I don’t like letting Bundy off his leash in public areas, there are a number of reasons for this but primarily I don’t want him accused of being aggressive because he is a staffy. Bundy is great with other dogs and generally ignores the noisy, over-excited ones when we go for a walk, however he does not like them trying to get amorous with him and he will tell them where to go in a not-so-polite fashion. Knowing this makes me a little anxious. My husband is completely the opposite so when we took Bundy to a dog friendly part of the beach recently he spent the majority of the time off lead, zig-zagging across the sand and running up to greet any person who walked by. There were only a few dogs around and for the most part Bundy ignored them, he is much more focused on being with us now that he is older and less inclined (thank goodness) to take off and disappear into the dunes. There was one large dog that he took a liking to, they played around on the top of a sand dune before zooming down the dune towards the water, I am shooting more in manual mode now and was too slow to capture their fun on my camera but I did get one shot, albeit incredibly contrasty (technical term ;-) ).

Happy Easter from two black dogs

Tomorrow is Easter Saturday, our little home will be overflowing with guests and the bowl of chocolate Easter eggs on the sideboard will diminish rapidly. It has been pouring down with rain since Wednesday afternoon but it didn’t stop me from trying to get the obligatory shot of our two black dog wearing bunny ears. Bundy will gladly follow a treat and sit on wet grass, posing for the camera, Maxi was not so obliging.

Wishing you and those you love a very Happy Easter, from me, Maxi and Bundy :-)

Maxi the black dog wearing bunny ears.
Maxi the reluctant easter doggy
Bundy the black dog wearing bunny ears
Bundy the serious easter doggy

Bunburra: Indigenous touch football festival on the beach

Bunburra means beach in Yugambeh, the language of the Kombumerri, Traditional Custodians of the Gold Coast region. Earlier this month 20 touch football teams from across Queensland came together on the Gold Coast for the inaugural Bunburra Indigenous Beach Touch Football tournament on the Surfers Paradise beachfront. The players were aged between 14 and 17 years of age and represented areas including Inala, Bundaberg, Logan and Thursday Island and were joined by NRL legend Petero Civoniceva, Ambassador for the event and fellow NRL great, Scott Prince.

My role in this event? Nil, although I did have the opportunity to learn from local photography teacher Danielle Lancaster of Bluedog Photography, whilst taking photos of the event. Danielle was there as part of an arrangement with PCYC Queensland and the Indigenous Special Projects Coordinator. Photographing sport on the beach is not something I’ve done before and in the evening there was a spectacular fireworks display, something else I’ve never had the chance to photograph.

It was a magical day for all involved with plenty of competition, big smiles, traditionally cooked food, a fire lighting ceremony and dancing on the sand. These are some of my shots from this memorable event.

Memories of our 2011 scrappy adventure

It has been almost 4 years since our trip to Europe, much has happened since then and sadly, none of it included travelling overseas. Nor did it include finishing all of my photobooks from that trip, three are currently sitting on our book shelves but there are still a few books to go. Sorting through photos and deciding on layout takes time and with me being a bit of a procrastinator it is taking longer because I keep getting sidetracked. Today the distraction has been looking through the many photos we took on our compact camera, the happy snaps and selfies (sans selfie stick of course). With the planning of our next trip underway, it was a joy to go back and see the photos we had of each other, captured as we moved from Paris to Amsterdam, then onto Germany and Switzerland before spending four weeks in Italy.  The next trip will be shorter, but still with a focus on Italy and we are madly saving in the hope that we can make it happen this year. In the meantime, I’ll keep smiling as I look through all our wonderful, memory filled photos.

Wordless Wednesday: Koala in pastels

Not completely wordless Wednesday, this week I’m sharing my latest illustration with you. You may have seen photos of a Koala in an earlier post, the images I took provided me with inspiration for this pastel illustration.

pastel illustration of a koala

Art on campus

The Logan campus of Griffith University has wonderful art on display, I’ve always wanted to go and photograph my favourites to share with you but never made the time. Recently I had a little time to spare and with my new iPhone in hand, off I went to capture some of this great art in order to share it with you.