Clouds and light

November is storm season in Queensland and we’ve had a couple of loud and scary ones but thankfully the worst of them missed our place (touch wood). As a twenty something loving in Newcastle I discovered how much I loved a good storm when staying with family near the beach. From their house I watched in awe as the clouds rolled in and the light changed creating an eery atmosphere before the skies opened and the lightning let loose. It was magic.

There were pockets of storm action Sunday afternoon, mainly to the north of us so we got very little rain and only a few rumbles of thunder. We did however see some amazing cloud formations and fantastic light as we strolled around a local sports field. Bundy could not have cared less about any of it, he was too busy following random scent trails. With only my iPhone at hand I tried to capture the amazing nature of the clouds and light using the Lightoom mobile app and my phone’s native camera app. The images are a little dark, more post-processing required or perhaps there are better apps for capturing these types of scenes on a smartphone.

Wishful thinking

Another hot and humid day is looming, summer is definitely making her presence felt after several years of wet summers and lower temperatures. In an effort to cool down I am thinking of colder climates and wishing I could click my heels and transport myself and the doggies to the beautiful Lucerne in Switzerland. We were in Lucerne prior to Easter in 2011, the days were lovely and mild allowing us to fully enjoy all the delights that the old town had to offer.

Toowoomba floods | Toowoomba floods |

Toowoomba floods | Toowoomba floods |

It wasn’t too long ago that Queensland was in severe drought with the highest level of water restrictions imposed across the state, now its nothing but rain and flooding with major devastation caused by a flash flood at Toowoomba yesterday. The lives of many could be lost and that includes pets and wildlife.

My heart goes out to the families on the receiving end of such an event as well as to those experiencing flooding in towns like Gympie, St George, Emerald and more, some of them have seen this before and had only just rebuilt their homes. The Flood Appeal has raised over $30million in pledges, hopefully there is more we can give so the affected areas can rebuild their lives once the water has receded.