I am the great procrastinator

Struggling to find inspiration and motivation today so I am retreating to my happy place, memories and photos of Europe. Usually my focus is on Italy or Paris but looking back, Munich and our visit to Neuschwanstein Castle was a wonderful experience. We met up with Joe, a local lad who my Hubby had met when Joe was on a working holiday in Australia. Joe and his family were very kind to us and it was awesome to see him wearing lederhosen when he greeted us at the station in Fussen. The day we spent touring that part of Bavaria could not have been more perfect, great weather, wonderful company and a delicious home cooked meal in the evening.

Beauty and the heat

With temperatures being approximately 5-10 degrees (celsius) higher than average for November we’ve had an early start to summer. It is storm season so the potential for rain is good although much of the heavy rain that has fallen already this month has failed to appear over our suburban block. Despite the extreme heat the plants and trees in our garden continue to bloom, the magnolia flowers don’t last long though and my gardenias have all but disappeared, leaving only crispy and brown remnants among the foliage.

Each year I wait for our Poinciana tree to flower, the foliage is beautiful but I have been wanting to see red flowers flooding the tree since seeing how other trees in the neighbourhood look at this time of year. We came close last year however a hail storm shredded everything and we were left with very little of anything on the tree. Poinciana trees in flower scream summer to me, the red blossoms provide spectacular contrast to the garden and it is the perfect colour scheme for the festive season.

Here are just a few of the beautiful things in our garden, I’m so happy that the heat hasn’t destroyed them.

What bird is that?

Lately I’ve been seeing this little fellow wading through the mud at a nearby lake, so today I took my camera with me on our afternoon walk and was lucky enough to get a couple of photographs. Thanks to Google images I’ve been able to identify the bird as a Black-fronted Dotterel (Elseyornis melanops)The afternoon light and a ‘shady’ white balance setting makes the bird’s plumage appear more golden, but I think it is a good match :-)