Winter is almost over

Today we farewell Winter and although it still feels cold in inside our house, the warmth of Spring has arrived and with it comes screeching Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Rainbow Lorikeets. Our Grevillea trees are flowering, as are the Coco Magnolias and neighbouring Eucalypts. The Koala has been returning every few days and is showering our yard with Koala poo and small branches of gum leaves, Bundy is obsessed with sniffing everything that falls from the tree and is happy to be outdoors for several hours at a time during the night whilst the Koala is around.

Kerser is Australia’s ‘Lennox’

Kerser escaped from his yard and was impounded by Monash City Council on the 4th of December 2012. Kerser’s owner Jade has been fighting ever since to bring her boy home. Kerser has been incarcerated for 18 months, but unlike Lennox’s family, Jade has been allowed to visit him occasionally.

BSL is a disgrace and has already cost Monash City Council about $200,000 fighting the owners of two different dogs, one of them being Jade. Other owners aren’t so lucky, their dogs have been euthanised purely because someone thought that they looked like a pit bull.

Jade is due to return to court soon in another attempt to save Kerser’s life and take him home. Fingers crossed, this has been going on for far too long.


The Louvre, Paris

Recently I’ve been listening to a travel podcast called Join Us in France, it is produced by Elyse and Annie and anyone wanting to travel to Paris and/or other destinations such as Toulouse or Strasbourg it is worth listening to as it is both informative and fun. After listening to the podcast on visiting the Louvre, I find myself going back (in my mind) to Paris and remembering some of the beautiful things we saw and experienced, visiting the Louvre is one of those very special moments.

Not a bear, but extremely cute

We’ve had another Koala visiting us of late, this one is much smaller than our previous visitor and upon closer inspection of my photos, he/she only has one eye. Such gorgeous creatures and it is quite unusual to see them in the natural environment, the numbers are dwindling and they’re adept at being almost invisible. This one popped his head up over our back fence as he scaled the gum tree bordering our yard, the dogs went nuts while I raced inside to get my camera.

A couple of days later the koala was spotted in another tree, sleeping peacefully until I (along with a few neighbours) woke him up taking photos and exclaiming rather loudly, how wonderful it was to see a koala in our area. Obviously he/she thought it was all too much and relocated after we had vacated our prime photography position in the street, I was lucky enough to see the little creature move through the long grass and then climb a different tree, deeper in the bush. It is such an amazing thing to experience, it was hard for me to go to work that morning when all I wanted to do was stay home and do a bit of koala spotting.